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Tiny Tech Tips

Hopefully a handy first guide to troubleshooting computer/laptop problems.
Suggested sequence of steps if the computer is going slow or otherwise acting up:

  1. Switch it off then back on.

  2. If it takes more than approx. 1 to 2 minutes to load then its running slow.Run the Ccleaner program. Click on the ccleaner icon (it is a red C with a broom in it).

  3. Then click 'analyze'. When it is done then click 'run cleaner'

  4. When that is done click the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner to exit the ccleaner program.

  5. Switch the computer off then on again. Is it now booting up in approx. 1 minute?

If it’s still taking a lot longer then contact your BDI tech Ian George is 0457 030 084 and Klaus Jungling is on 0438 031 597.

Is the internet working? To check – look at the main screen bottom right hand corner – is there a rising bar triangle with at least one bar solid? If not or if there is a yellow triangle then the internet is not connected. Contact your BDI tech on one of the above numbers. We are proud to present the collection of books that are a compilation of poems and proses by Beyond Disability members. Any profit from the sales of this book will go to BDI. The content for the books is collected, collated and edited by Tricia McGill for which we would like to thank her. Please contact Tricia on 0419 114 313 or email her if you wish to purchase copies of this book.


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